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  • Video: Hot Topless Model Graces Advanced Nutrients Calendar

    Advanced Nutrients has always been a step ahead of the game, delivering top shelf nutrients to growers of high-value plants and keeping the hydroponics community buzzing with excitement. Now AN will be doing more than keeping your crop flourishing; they’re bringing you Miss Advanced Nutrients to keep you company on those long days in the grow room...
  • Storage Wars: One Grower’s Sad Story Serves as Warning

    There was once a guy, who I’ll call Joel, who had lost his grow. We met in a storage unit yard where he put his equipment after this dream of growing became a nightmare. He unlocked the padlock and slid up the door to unveil a treasure trove of hydroponic gear...
  • Moving Your Grow: Ins and Outs of a Sticky Situation

    It is every grower’s worst nightmare - having to unexpectedly move your grow op, especially in the middle of a crop cycle. But fussy landlords, angry girlfriends, nosey neighbors, and other emergencies can mean that from time to time, you just have to get up and go.
  • The Top Five Living Room Hydroponic Innovations of 2013

    As the public grows wary of GMOs and the wide range of pesticides our food endures, more and more people are turning to their own gardens to provide for themselves and their families. For those that live in apartments or without access to green space, this can prove a challenge, one for which hydroponics is the perfect solution. Small companies across America are answering the call through design and innovation, bringing to market five amazing living room hydroponic systems new for 2013...
  • Six of the Strangest Places To Grow Hydroponics

    Growing plants without soil has a long list of benefits. Its greatest? The power to cultivate greenery in locations that would otherwise be unsuitable. This type of innovation is not without trailblazers and some just push the envelope. Hats off to these folks for being original; they are using hydroponics in the six strangest places we've seen yet...
  • Vancouver’s YWCA Feeds the Needy from its Own Rooftop Garden

    Urban gardening is taking off in major centers around the world, from New York to Tokyo. One of the most impressive of these projects towers above Western Canada’s most populous city, Vancouver...






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